Telco PaaS

A key feature of the enterprise DevOps world is the use of the ‘PaaS‘ model (Platform as a Service), so that developers are empowered with a pre-defined set of low level component parts they can build on rather than reinventing the wheel.

Telco PaaS has played a central for Vodafone and their journey to the Cloud Native Telco, what they call TaaS, or Telco-as-a-Service – a common cloud-native infrastructure platform that all about developers use to build all of their infrastructure, automate their code, write feature capabilities and contribute that to a set of code repositories that can be used by other developers inside Vodafone.


The XGVela project is an open source PaaS for Cloud Native telecomms, and Sagar Nangare explores how this might be replicated to the Telco world, including how it can accelerate 5G rollout.

With XGVela, a PaaS platform with telco features can be used to accelerate the design, development and innovation of telco related services.

Create an open source cloud native PaaS for applications and telco network functions, which is to enable new services and help mobile operators to seize the business opportunity from vertical industries in the 5G era.

XGVela can provide a reference design of telco-PaaS and accelerate cloud native transformation for telecommunication industry. Keynote adopters include China Mobile.

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