As described on InfoQ ‘CNFs’ have arrived: Cloud Native Network Functions.

CNFs are applications that implement or facilitate network functionality in a cloud native way. The CNCF operates a certification program.

CSPs and other telecom organizations are migrating away from traditional Virtual Network Functions (VNFs) and Physical Network Functions (PNFs) toward CNFs and Kubernetes-based infrastructures that provide service reliability while lowering capital and operating expenses and encouraging cross-cloud compatibility.

From VNF to CNF

As Redhat describes CNFs represent the evolution of virtualized network functions from Virtual Machines to containerized applications, makeing it possible to manage how and where the functions run across clusters in the environment.

However, CNFs are more than just the containerization of network functions. To get the full benefit of cloud-native principles beyond container packaging requires further rearchitecting of network function software, like decomposing it into microservices.

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