5G is a headline network innovation driving the evolution of the Cloud Native Telco, with industry experts defining Kubernetes as being central to this evolution.

Analysys Mason writes the cloud-native 5G network therefore becomes a ‘super-application’ in which all of its software components – including cloud-native network functions (CNFs), cloud-native operational capabilities and associated cloud-native IT services – can be orchestrated together as a single entity to deliver 5G networking functionality. This 5G network super-application will run on elastic, cloud-native infrastructure that will be ubiquitously deployed across central, regional, metro and far edge locations.

Kubernetes is key to the implementation of CNFs. In this blueprint Redhat offers a guide for a scalable 5G architecture where a 5G CNF is deployed, which also defines the role of Gitops.

The general principle of this trend is the opportunity for the Telco sector to learn from and leverage the learning and innovations that have long been underway in the Cloud industry and particularly from advanced enterprise adopters.

For example this AWS white paper describes the hyper-scaler is applying their expertise to the Telco scenario, working with RIFT.ware to define a carrier-grade infrastructure for end-to-end automated management and operation of 5G slices, providing an environment to automate the onboarding and life cycle management of multi-vendor 5G network slices across any Cloud environment.

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